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Upcoming Retreats
Singing in the Hildegarden: A Weekend for Women

Thurs., Aug. 8, - Sun., Aug. 11   Throughout the retreat, we will sing many beautiful songs of heart, including selections from Hildegardʼs music from the 1100s.

Upcoming Retreats
Spiritualities of East and West

This retreat has a waiting list.

Sun., July 28, - Fri., Aug. 2   Join us for a restful week taken at your own pace.  Each day's offering will include optional group meditation/prayer, gentle yoga, creative experience, opportunity to speak with a spiritual guide and more.

Upcoming Retreats
Engage the Differences to Make a Difference

Thurs., Nov. 14, - Sun., Nov. 17   This is a reflective program for those wishing to approach this current time of turbulence from a deeper place but who may be relatively new to the spiritual practice of contemplation.