Spiritual Guidance Training Program

Spiritual Guidance Training Program

Graduates find Siena Retreat Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program a transformational experience.

The program is grounded in the emerging sciences of the Universe Story and an ecumenical Christian approach, while also enriched by wisdom from various faith perspectives. Permeating the process and content of the program is a belief in the sacredness of all creation and of human experience as a place of God’s revelation. Belief in God’s unconditional love for, and presence within, creation is foundational.

Siena Retreat Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program offers preparation for the ministry of spiritual guidance (also known as spiritual direction and spiritual companioning). It includes spiritual enrichment content, skills-building, and personal growth and reflection. It incorporates a variety of learning styles and a significant practicum component. Graduates receive a certificate of completion.

The program consists of 16 weekend intensives over the course of two years. Five of these weekends are 4-day in person gatherings at the Siena Retreat Center that run from Thursday through Sunday. The other weekends are Friday through Sunday gatherings held on Zoom.

Applying to the program

We would love to connect to explore with you what is drawing you to this program, answer your questions, and accompany you through your discernment process. We recognize that the program requires a significant dedication of time, energy, and finances, and thus encourage you to reach out early in your consideration of this program. The next cohort will begin in January 2025 and run through November 2026. Applications for the 2025/2026 program cohort will be available in early 2024.

To begin this conversation, please contact Nicki Nelson at [email protected].

“This past year in the SGTP has been the most spiritually growthful and deepening period in my life. There have been many other spiritually growthful periods in my life, but this one exceeds all the other ones put together.”

SGTP Graduate

“The Spiritual Guidance Training Program became an unanticipated journey of transformational healing and hope. It is this hope that I now live from, through, with, and into a future that is of possibility.”

SGTP Graduate

2025 – 2026 Program Dates

Jan. 16-19, 2025 (at SRC)
Feb. 14-16, 2025
Mar. 21-23, 2025
May 2-4, 2025
Jun. 5-8, 2025 (at SRC)
Sep. 12-14, 2025
Oct. 10-12, 2025
Nov. 6-9, 2025 (at SRC)
Jan. 9-11, 2026
Feb. 13-15, 2026
Mar. 20-22, 2026
Apr. 24-26, 2026
Jun. 4-7, 2026 (at SRC)
Sep. 11-13, 2064
Oct. 9-11, 2026
Nov. 5-8, 2026 (at SRC)

Institute Of Spiritual Guidance

Institute for Spiritual Guidance

The Institute for Spiritual Guidance offers ongoing education and enrichment opportunities for both seasoned spiritual guides and those who have more recently completed training. Check out our upcoming workshops and retreats.