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Individual Directed Retreat

Experienced retreat directors are available to guide you in your indiviual directed retreat.  In addition to a daily meeting with your director, this personally designed retreat provides solitude and an opportunity for private prayer and reflection.  More about Spiritual Direction here.

Meals and a comfortable, private room are provided.  Our beautiful grounds, the chapel and the library are here to enrich your retreat.  This retreat opportunity is available year-round with the exception of August.  Cost for an overnight and three meals is $85.00 (until August 31, 2021).

Payment for spiritual direction sessions is on a sliding scale, based on one's ability to pay.
One or two sessions of spiritual direction: $40-70 per session.
Three or more sessions during a directed retreat: $25-$50 per session.

To schedule your directed retreat, please contact the Arrangements office at (262) 898-2580.