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Honoring Grief...Intending to Heal II

Honoring Grief, Intending To Heal:  A Training Program for Companioning the Bereaved

- Part II -

This program is offered to those who complete Part I of the Honoring Grief Training Program. 

Part II is designed to delve more deeply into certain areas of bereavement companioning. 

Through gathering in sacred circle, small and large group interaction, presentations, practicing of skills, and homework, we will explore the following topics:

· complicated and carried grief

· responding to challenging situations and people (including the bereaved and peers)

· grief and the wisdom of the body

· self-compassion and mindfulness

· boundary setting

· creating griever-friendly rituals.

At least one year must pass between the completion of Part I and beginning Part II.  The next session will be offered in Fall 2017.

Co-facilitator Melissa Minkley, MSW, is the co-founder of Healing Life’s Losses grief services and is a social worker with over 20 years of experience in psychosocial oncology and bereavement counseling.  She has companioned adults and children in individual, support group, workshop, and retreat settings, focusing on enhancing ones holistic well-being.   Personal experience of loss has given Melissa insight into the impact grief has on individuals, families and friends.

Co-facilitator Pete Reinl, CSG, is the co-founder of Healing Life’s Losses grief services and is a companion and spiritual guide with over 25 years of pastoral ministry experience, serving in various roles within faith communities, retreat centers, and funeral homes.  He has spent the last twelve years of his ministry companioning the bereaved and training others who wish to be companions.  His background includes certification in pastoral ministry and he is a graduate of Siena Retreat Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program.  Having experienced several significant losses in his life, he brings a wealth of personal experience in addition to his professional background in loss, grief, and healing.