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Frequently Asked Questions

Coming on retreat at Siena?  Here's what you should know:

What are the coronavirus precautions and protocols?

Siena Retreat Center intends to continue to be a place of calm, peace, and wellness during this uncertain time. 

Siena Retreat Center has put in place CDC (Center for Disease Control) protocols and guidelines to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus:

  • Siena Retreat Center continues to follow CDC guidelines by requiring; properly fitting face masks everywhere in the building (except when in the bedrooms or while eating in the dining room), social distancing and thorough hand washing.  This applies to all individuals whether or not they have been vaccinated.
  • Meeting rooms, common areas, and bedrooms are being thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using CDC recommendations.
  • We have increased the availability of disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer throughout the building and encourage frequent use.
  • Frequently touched surfaces such as doorknobs and elevator buttons are being disinfected regularly and sanitized using CDC recommendations.
  • Spacing of chairs in the dining and meeting rooms are set up in accordance with CDC guidelines to allow for six feet of social distancing.

We are requiring the following of all visitors, volunteers and staff: 

  • Take care of yourself and others by staying home if you have a fever (99.5 degrees F or higher), shortness of breath, or other COVID-19 symptoms. Please stay home if you have been in contact with someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days
  • You will be required to complete the attached health-screening questionnaire and have your temperature taken each day of your stay. (Please note: this questionnaire is for information only.  Do not fill it out in advance, as you will need to complete this form on site.)
  • Wear a properly fitting face masks everywhere and at all times in the building (except when in the bedrooms or while eating in the dining room)
  • Cover your cough, sneeze, or yawn with a tissue. If a tissue is not available cough, sneeze, or yawn into your elbow.
  • Wash hands frequently throughout the day for at least 20 seconds.
  • When hand washing is not available, use hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer will be available, but if you can, please bring your own.
  • Keep a distance of six feet from others at all times.

Questions may be directed to Jane Czarnezki at (262) 898-2591 or Claire Anderson at (262) 898-2588.
View this video on sanitation procedures at Siena Retreat Center.

We look forward to welcoming you back to a safe and healthy Siena Retreat Center.

What is the cost of bringing a group to Siena?

Group rates vary depending on length of retreat, the number of meals, etc.  Please contact our Arrangements Coordinator at for more information on pricing.

Audio-visual equipment, extra meeting rooms, snacks, etc. incur additional charges.

What are the rates for a private (personal) retreat?

Overnight accommodations are $59 per person per night as of September 1, 2021.

Meals are an additional cost.

How early (or late) may I check in?

The front desk is staffed for check-ins 9:00am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday and 9:00am - noon on Saturdays and Sundays.

Doors lock at 5:00pm on weekdays and at noon on weekends.  The door code is provided at check-in.

If you are coming for one of our sponsored retreats you will receive an email approximately one week before the event  with instructions on when to arrive.


Do you provide transportation?

Please make your own arrangements for transportation.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards.

Paypal payments are accepted when registering online for a sponsored program.

Can I request a certain bedroom?

Bedrooms are pre-assigned.

Medical requests (such as ADA accessible rooms and rooms near an elevator) must be made at least 15 days prior to arrival.  We cannot honor any other type of room request.  

I have a bunch of yes/no questions about the bedrooms.......
  • Does each room have a private bathroom?  Yes
  • Is the building air conditioned?   Yes
  • Is there free Wifi?  Yes
  • Are bed linens and towels provided?    Yes
  • Are toiletries provided?   Soap is provided; please bring your own personal toiletries.
  • Is a hairdryer provided?       No
  • Can I move the furniture in my room?         No
  • Can I light candles or incense in my room?      No
When are meal times? And how much do they cost?

Breakfast ($9), served 8:00 - 8:30am

Noon meal ($13), served 12:00 - 12:30pm

Supper ($10), served 5:30-6:00pm


Meals must be ordered at least 15 days in advance through our Arrangements Coordinator.

I’d like to bring some of my own food. What appliances are available to me?

A freezer, refrigerator, toaster oven and microwave are available in our dining room.  When using the refrigerator and freezer, please clearly label your food with your name.  Bedrooms do not have their own refrigerator.

Please take unused food with you when you leave.

I have a food allergy. How do I arrange for my dietary needs?

Be sure to note your allergy upon registration and we will get that information to the catering company. If your food allergies are severe, you may be asked to provide your own food.

If you are not sure that you’ve let us know, contact our Arrangements Coordinator, Nikki Madisen, as soon as possible but at least 15 days before your scheduled retreat at or by phone at 262-898-2580.

I am vegetarian/vegan/gluten free. Can you accommodate me?

We can accommodate most vegetarian, vegan, lactose-free, and gluten-free diets with at least a 15 day notice to our Arrangements Coordinator.  If your dietary restrictions are severe you may be asked to provide your own food. 

Although we are able to accommodate most medical dietary restrictions, we are not equipped to accommodate food preferences

What beverage options are available?

The Beverage Center in the dining room is open 24/7.

Drink options include:

  • coffee (hot and iced)
  • tea
  • hot cocoa
  • juice (flavors vary)
  • ice and water dispenser
  • low-fat milk
Is the tap water safe to drink?

Perfectly safe.  And delicious.

What are the Bookstore hours?

Our outstanding bookstore is open Monday - Friday from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, on Saturdays from 9:00am - noon, and closed on Sundays and holidays.

What should I know about parking?
  • As you come along the drive, you will notice a sign for Retreat Parking.
  • You are welcome to stop at the front door to unload before going to park.
  • If you are an overnight guest, we will need your license plate number upon check-in. 
Are there laundry services onsite?

A washing machine, dryer, iron, and ironing board are provided on both bedroom floors for your use. Laundry detergent is available.

Can you ship purchases from the Bookstore for me?

Unfortunately we are not able to ship items purchased from the Bookstore.

What kind of clothing should I bring?

Bring comfortable shoes and clothes.  We recommend bringing a sweater as room temperatures and individual comfort levels vary.

Does Siena Retreat Center have a hermitage?

A hermitage is not on the Siena campus, but a rustic hermitage is located at the Eco-Justice Center, four miles to the north. The Eco-Justice Center is also a sponsored ministry of the Racine Dominican sisters.

For more information, visit the Eco-Justice Center website at

Does Siena have a sabbatical program?

Although Siena Retreat Center does not offer a formal sabbatical program, we do accept private retreatants for extended retreats of up to 30 days, based on space availability.  Please inquire about a sabbatical rate.  Contact Claire Anderson at (262) 898-2588.

Are children allowed?

 Siena Retreat Center serves adults for the purpose of spiritual renewal, enrichment, individual and group retreats, prayer, and contemplation.  Use of the Center is restricted to those activities and pursuits that fit within this aim.  Generally, minors of any age are not allowed at Siena Retreat Center overnight.  Consideration is given to certain school or church groups particularly for day use, and a contract is required. 

May I bring my pet?

Siena Retreat Center permits service animals in accordance with Americans with Disabilities regulations.  Other animals are not allowed.

Do you have a healthcare professional on staff on site?

No.  Urgent health matters would be treated as emergencies, and emergency medical staff (911) may be called.

What is Siena’s smoking policy?

The entire Siena campus is intended as a place of healing, peace, and wholeness.  Smoking is discouraged and only permitted outdoors, at least 20 feet from any building on campus.