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Storytelling and Therapeutic Writing Workshop

This retreat has a waiting list.

Saturday, June 15   What is your story?  Do you know you carry one?  You do!  And actually many stories.  Join Beth in this interactive workshop to develop your own voice, how to share it, stop spinning small stories into false gold, and own the land  of your story.

"Is my story still a story even if no one hears it?  Even if no one seems to listen?"  Yes.

This workshop is as much about your telling  as it is about the gift of your listening.

Come be encouraged, empowered and equipped in this realm of story sharing. 

“Telling and writing stories is a common yet divine connection.  I trust you will find awe, wonder and life-color living within black and white narrative on a page, or a simple sentence spilling from the soul," Beth comments.

Saturday, June 15, 2019; 9:30am—3:30pm
Cost of $55 includes $10 non-refundable deposit and noon meal.


Beth Turner, is a certified expressive writing facilitator trained in Journal to the Self (JTTS), a method of therapeutic writing benefitting the brain, emotions, and soul.  She is an active member of the Healing Story Alliance (HSA) and recently launched a successful storytelling pilot program at a Madison-based church equipping those with a mental health challenge to tell their story with wisdom and power.  Beth is passionate about the transformative power of story.  She was raised in the Episcopal church and savors liturgy.  She actively seeks ways to widen her spiritual scope to include the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit.

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Storytelling and Therapeutic Writing Workshop

$10.00 deposit required
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