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Stories of the Land: Faith, Ancestors, and Indigenous Justice

We live amidst great ecological and social upheaval. The roots of these challenges, as well as the path toward healing, lie in the way we understand our relationships within the Community of Creation.

Join us for an exploration of our connection to the Earth and her inhabitants through delving into our spirituality, family roots, colonial legacy,  and possibilities for solidarity  and transformation. Our presentation, punctuated by time for small group reflection, includes:

- faith stories: how our spirituality informs our relationships with the land;
- our historical story: how our ancestors’ immigration story informs our connection to the land;
- stories of Indigenous past and present: what is the story of the dispossession and displacement of Indigenous people on this land? what is the Indigenous present on this land?; and
- creating a new story: paths toward an engaged spirituality marked by repair and healing the legacy of injustice on the land.

In preparation for this gathering, please do a little research on your family history. Pick one immigrant ancestor to the U.S. Where did they come from? When? Why did they leave their home country? Where did they come to in the U.S.? Who were the Indigenous peoples of that place? Were/are those Indigenous people still there? If not, why not?

This event has been canceled

Saturday, January 29, 2022
9:00am - 12:00noon Central

Partial scholarships are available. Please inquire.

Brenna and Eric Cussen Anglada are co-founders of St. Isidore Catholic Worker Farm, outside Cuba City, Wisconsin, in the “driftless” bioregion and the ancestral home of the Ho-Chunk, Sauk, and Meskwaki. Their work on and off the farm centers on the intersections of community living, prayer, nonviolent resistance, education, sustainable food production, decolonization, and anti-racism. Their writing has appeared in National Catholic Reporter; America; Sojourners; Our Sunday Visitor; Geez; The Catholic Worker; and Dorothy Day and the Church: Past, Present, and Future. Brenna is co-founder of the new group Catholics for Boarding School Accountability. Eric offers ecological programs through the Sinsinawa Dominicans.