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Spirituality Alive Series 2023 Called to the Wild Embrace, Session 2

Spirituality Alive Series

We live in Intimate Mystery, gifted with divine life. We shine with the graces of goodness, truth and beauty.

As beings of spirit, we are entrusted with the power and call to contribute in the Great Story of creation.

This is our spirituality alive, our joy and offering, our privilege and challenge, our total immersion in the Mystery of God.

Please come to share your energy and insight in this spiritual reflection.

Theme:  Integral Spirituality
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
In his letter Laudato Si’, Pope Francis called the world to “integral ecology”—to respond to all aspects of keeping Earth a thriving, healthy home for all. I have adopted the word “integral” for an evolving movement I call “integral spirituality”—the unitive spirit rising in inter-religious/societal/ scientific consciousness.
We will explore in ourselves this new grounding of “the hope that is in you,” “bringing all things together unto good.” We seek what is integral to the fullness of life, justice, and spiritual wholeness. As we feel our way in a complex world, let us live into and cultivate this awareness in ourselves and beyond.

Registration is closed for this program.

Tuesday, October 18, 6:30pm—7:45pm Central
Offered via Zoom
Cost: $10

You can register and pay online by clicking the register button on the right, by calling the front desk at 262-898-2590 with a credit card number, or by mailing a check made out to "Siena Retreat Center". Payment must be received to complete registration.

Miriam Brown, OP; a Sinsinawa Dominican, is a spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, and presenter on current spirituality themes. She was a long-time team member of the Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program. Miriam holds a master’s degree in Religious Studies from Fordham University and directed an ecumenical organization for 13 years. Miriam has an eye for the Spirit’s movement in the world and flowing in each person’s precious life.