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Spirituality Alive: Earth-Community and Mystical "Knowings"

“In good company, in a community of conviction, the quest never loses its relevance, its urgency, or its savor.”

- Kaye Ashe, OP

Evolving Faith and Hope: Paradigms, Paradoxes, Poetry, and Prayers

Our times are both daunting and exciting.  We embrace the invitation to grow in mature faith drawn forward by the Spirit.  We feel the flex in our minds and hearts.  The Spirit challenges us toward deeper meanings, faith re-visions, and cosmic inter-weavings in spirituality and religion.  It is time for spiritual work together.

Each evening, along with theological and poetic input, we will share the growing edges of our minds and hearts.  Let us deepen our souls’ commitment to embrace and be embraced by the Mystery calling us and the world forward.

Held on four Tuesday evenings, 6:30—8:00.

October 1: Earth-Community and Mystical “Knowings”: With science and religion together, we realize our intimate relationships as Earth community in an evolving universe. We open to the wonder of each other and the “depth dimension” of divine presence.  We will surface our mystical knowings and notice the natural spontaneity of our prayer.

Future sessions:

October 15: Paradox: Suffering and Strife, Resurrection and New Life: How do we hold the reality of suffering and strife?  Equally, how account for goodness and truth?  Can chaos and stability co-exist?  Fear and hope?  In times of grief or conflict, on what does your trust rest?  This is Love’s Mystery.

October 29: Questing Spirit-Companions Across the World: What do you think the Spirit is luring us to be / do / feel / learn / choose / offer today?  Who are our co-conSPIRITers in the work and wonder before us?   “In good company, in a community of conviction, the quest never loses its relevance, its urgency, or its savor.”  —Kaye Ashe, OP

Miriam Brown, OP, a Sinsinawa Dominican, is a spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, presenter on current spirituality themes.  She has an eye for the Spirit’s movement in the world and each person’s deep and precious life.

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Spirituality Alive- Oct 1

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