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SoulCollage - May 12, 2022

Theme: Welcoming All Callers

Sometimes we view certain people, situations, feelings   or even parts of ourselves as unwelcome. What if we could instead greet all comers with equanimity and view each as   a gift? We will enter into a spirit of acceptance as we approach the serendipity of card making. Facilitated by Pamela Downing and David Stack.

Thursday, May 12, 2022


Cost of $60 for an individual day includes $20 non-refundable deposit, supplies, and mid-day meal.


Overnight Option (Wednesday-Thursday, May 11-12): Cost of $195 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, programs on Wednesday and Thursday, overnight accommodations on Wednesday night, and meals from noon on Wednesday to noon on Thursday. There will be an optional evening activity for those who choose to stay overnight.



Pamela Downing is a SoulCollage® facilitator who has journeyed along many spiritual paths. She is a retired educator who is committed to building community in both spiritual and neighborhood settings.

David Stack is a SoulCollage® facilitator and Spiritual Companion. David is interested in promoting male spirituality and introducing men to SoulCollage®. He has a background  in multiple spiritual practices. 


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SoulCollage - May 12, 2022

$20.00 deposit required

SoulCollage Optional Overnight - May 11-12, 2022

$60.00 deposit required
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