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SoulCollage - “Looking Beyond Duality”

“Looking Beyond Duality”

This will be a time to reflect on how we see things. Many things may seem black and white to us. But what if we are open to seeing things another way? What if we take some of our SoulCollage® cards and make black and white copies to see if new messages emerge? Sometimes the exact same card holds all sorts of wisdom. Here’s to new perspectives, and seeing our oneness from a new point of view!

Thursday, January 13, 2022


Cost of $60 for an individual day includes $20 non-refundable deposit, supplies, and mid-day meal.


Missy Isely-Poltrock is a Carthage College graduate, member of the Lemon Street Gallery (Kenosha), and a SoulCollage® facilitator. Missy is a mixed media artist   who believes that the healing of one individual helps to heal the whole.


SoulCollage® is a fun, engaging, deep, and illuminating process that is, all at once, a form of creative play, self-care, and personal reflection. The process involves creating small collages from found images that you select or which seem to speak to you.

As we make and share cards in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, we will reflect on our experience of the sacred and see how the images on the cards reveal our ever changing and deepening knowledge of our souls. 


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