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SoulCollage® Day “Engaging Our Hidden Allies”

SoulCollage® Theme: “Engaging Our Hidden Allies” December 3 2022

SoulCollage® is an engaging and illuminating process that is a form of self-care, creativity, and personal reflection. The process involves creating small collages from images that seem to speak to you. As we make and share cards in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere, we will reflect on our experience of the sacred and see how the images reveal our ever deepening knowledge of our souls.

Saturday, December 3, 2022
Theme: “Engaging Our Hidden Allies”

SoulCollage® creators often find that their cards include some “starring roles” born of early childhood experiences or the influence of significant figures in their lives. When these parts get “out of balance,” they may tend to dominate our thoughts and feelings, to the exclusion of other points of view. In this workshop, we will actively seek to call forth those inner parts that have been “minor characters” or “understudies” in the past but which have the potential to balance and enrich our experience with their perspectives. We will recognize these inner allies by making cards in their honor and by inviting their input on the issues in our lives. Facilitated by Pamela Downing and David Stack.

Registration is closed for this program.

Cost of $68 for an individual day includes supplies and a mid-day meal.

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on our health and safety protocols.

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Pamela Downing is a SoulCollage® facilitator who has journeyed along many spiritual paths. She is a retired educator committed to building community in both spiritual and neighborhood settings.

David Stack is a SoulCollage® facilitator and Spiritual Companion. David is interested in promoting male spirituality and introducing men to SoulCollage®. He has a background in multiple spiritual practices.