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Silent Directed Retreat I

This silent directed retreat provides an opportunity to meet daily with a spiritual guide, morning prayer with the Racine Dominican community, and evening prayer with the retreat group.  Solitude, nature, and silence enhance these sacred days.

Sunday, June 23, to Saturday, June 29, 2019
The retreat begins at 3:30pm on Sunday and concludes with the noon meal on Saturday.
Cost of $495 includes $50 non-refundable deposit, spiritual guidance appointments, overnight accommodations, and meals.


Jane Clare Ishiguro is a spiritual guide/companion   and retreat facilitator.  She      is also an enthusiast and facilitator for adult faith formation as well as spiritual growing and thriving.  A graduate of Siena Retreat Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program and St. Francis Seminary, Jane Clare is currently the pastoral associate for the Good Shepherd Community of Faith in Menomonee Falls.

Nancy Sell, OSF, is a School Sister of St. Francis.  With graduate degrees from Andover Newton Theological School in Massachusetts and Washington Theological Union in Maryland and training in spiritual direction, she has been involved in various aspects of ministry for over 40 years including parish, seminary, jail and religious community ministry.  She is currently involved in spiritual guidance and retreat ministry.  There is a waiting list for this spiritual director.

Colleen Terry graduated from Siena Retreat Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program and continues to offer guidance to spiritual companions.  She believes the Spirit permeates the entire cosmos, Earth, and our personal journeys as we share our stories, desires, disappointments, challenges, and hopes.   She has a master’s degree in Elementary Education and 49 years of elementary teaching and administration experience.  Colleen remains grateful for 20 years of Sinsinawa Dominican formation.  As a former religious, Colleen relates to both community life and the spirituality of single life.  There is a waiting list for this spiritual director.

Sandy Schmitz, OP, is a Dominican Sister of Sinsinawa.  With graduate degrees in Education and Administration, Sandy has ministered as teacher, principal and parish Pastoral Associate. She completed Clinical Pastoral Education Residency at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.  She recently retired after many years as chaplain at St. Mary's hospital in Madison, Wisconsin.  Sandy is a graduate of Siena Retreat Center’s Spiritual Guidance Program and is currently a spiritual guide and hospital and nursing home volunteer.  There is a waiting list for this spiritual director.

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Silent Directed Retreat I

$50.00 deposit required
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