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Taking the New and Unknown Journey: Weekend Retreat with Paula D'Arcy

“What stops us from choosing to live fully? We both seek and fear the power that filled the crib in the Bethlehem stable, a love that waits to lift us high above our safe perspectives into a new relationship with everything we know.”

- Paula D'Arcy

There is a waiting list for this retreat.*

Advent is much more than preparing for Christmas.  It is a time to dwell on the light hidden in the depths of life, a light that wants to be born in us.  Alfred Delp wrote from is concentration camp that it is a “time of being shaken awake, and a call to make your own path straight.”  We’ll gather for these days of stillness, opening to all that waits to teach us.  Friday evening and Saturday will be a time of silence.

Friday, December 18, to Sunday, December 20, 2020
Retreat begins with supper at 5:30pm on Friday and concludes with the noon meal on Sunday.
Cost: $255 includes $55 non-refundable deposit, overnight accommodations and meals. Contact us at (262) 898-2590 if you are interested in a commuter rate.
* While there is a waiting list for this retreat, we would encourage you to add your name to the list if you would like to attend.  Typically, a number of places open up closer to the retreat date.  Do not make a deposit at this time.

If you need financial assistance to enable you to attend this retreat, you may wish to consider applying to the Redbird Foundation, founded by Paula D’Arcy.  Siena Retreat Center also offers financial assistance, please contact Claire at

Paula D’Arcy, author and international retreat leader, is the Founder and President of the Red   Bird Foundation, which supports the growth and spiritual development of all who want to live with a more open heart, including those in limited circumstances such as individuals in prison or those in great need.  Paula is a former psychotherapist whose personal tragedy led her to reach out to others. Through her retreats and publications, she is a beacon of hope as we encounter challenges and grief throughout our life. 

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Contemplative Weekend Retreat with Paula D'Arcy

$55.00 deposit required
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