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Perspectives and Projections with John Nichols

Journalist and commentator John Nichols returns to Siena Retreat Center to offer his enlightened perspectives and sage analysis of the current political landscape. His fresh and sometimes humorous, way of pinpointing issues will leave us with his belief in the power of people’s minds and hearts to meet the challenges of our times.

Offered in person.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022 from 6:30pm—8:30pm

Cost: $15


John Nichols is a nationally known journalist and political correspondent for The Nation magazine, and associate editor of The Capital Times. He has authored or co-authored ten books about the fight against a jobless economy, histories of American opposition to empire, and the movements to hold presidents to account. Gore Vidal says, “Of all the giant slayers now afoot, John Nichols’ sword is the sharpest.”

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Perspectives and Projections with John Nichols

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