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Linking Our Struggles (Situations of Substance series)

Situations of Substance series
This series focuses on on-going societal “situations”—complex and troubling conditions we want to change.  Situations are not as simple as right and wrong; they are cultural and systemic, requiring of us multi-dimensional solutions of involvement and creativity as responsible citizens and people of faith.  The series is coordinated by Miriam Brown, OP.

How today, amidst country-wide concerns about the workings of democracy, can we recognize our commonality of issues and link our struggles for care and justice with the situation of immigration? Jessica Diaz will walk us through the complexities of acquiring citizenship—citizen attitudes, extensive legalities, daily dangers, proceedings and protections, from DACA to new asylum-seekers. Josue Davalos and Luis Tata will share their experiences in “deferred status.” We ask ourselves together, what can we do as individuals and community—to influence legislation, to soften the atmosphere, to welcome and protect those in danger or in detention in our communities, to actively advocate?

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
$10 for an evening, $35 for the series

Additional presentations in the series are:
What Can We Expect Next?, February 19, John Nichols
African American Community Conditions, March 12, Kimberly Payne


Jessica Diaz, Mexican born, is a mother and leader bringing personal experience, study, and activism to the complexities of immigration. She has been working as Legal Assistant/Office Manager in a Racine law office for more than a decade. She is an organizer in the Racine Interfaith Coalition and active member of LULAC 320 Rapid Response. Student Body president of UW-Parkside a few years ago, she is articulate and committed, putting to work her Political Science and Law concentrations and applying to law school.

Josue Davalos, Administrative Assistant of Milwaukee’s Voces De La Frontera, will share his story of being in the middle of trying to become a citizen. Also, Luis Tapia.

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Situations of Substance series


Linking Our Struggles

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