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"House of the Spirit" A Creative Writing Retreat

In times of upheaval, where do you go? To what and to whom do you turn?

Author and speaker Anais Nin says, “There is a new awareness that we have to equalize the inner and outer worlds, and for this we have to have what the Thai people call ‘the house of the spirit.’”

Join Beth Turner for a set aside time of reawakening and reestablishing an inner center of gravity. Who should consider attending? Anyone looking to pause and consider a personal inventory of emotions and beliefs, position or purpose in life, and the presence you carry within you. What can you expect? Reflective writing and meditating prompts, opportunities for journaling and creating, space for reflecting, sharing, and storytelling. This is an invitation to consider deeply many things, including: I am ___? The world is ___? Therefore ___? Your own hunger, vulnerability and honesty will be your greatest currency for this retreat.

Saturday, April 24, 2021
Cost of $60 includes $15 non-refundable deposit and mid-day meal.

Extend your retreat by adding one or more overnights of private retreat time.  The cost depends on number of overnights and meals.  Contact Nikki at or 262-898-2580 to make a reservation.  Walk the grounds, relax, allow your artistic expression to flourish in the Creativity Room or find a cozy spot to continue writing.



Beth Turner is a certified expressive writing facilitator trained in Journal to the Self (JTTS), a method of therapeutic writing benefitting the brain, emotions, and soul. She is an active member of the Healing Story Alliance (HSA) and recently launched a successful storytelling pilot program at a Madison-based church equipping those with a mental health challenge to tell their stories with wisdom and power. Beth is passionate about the transformative power of story.

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"House of the Spirit" Creative Writing Retreat

$15.00 deposit required
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