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Exploring Prayer in Twelve Step Recovery

“Prayer is private, even when we pray with others. It is communication from the heart to that which surpasses understanding.”

- Anne Lamott

Prayer and meditation can be a challenge in recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and trauma. Throughout this series we will explore types  of prayer that allow individuals to simply “be with”  a power greater than themselves. We will examine ways of sharing thoughts and feelings such as asking for help, expressing gratitude, and finding inspiration.

Opportunities with prayers of mind, heart, and body will be modeled and experienced. Evening offerings will delve into prayers of words, song, art, and movement.

This series is for all wanting to explore prayer, anyone involved in Twelve Step programs, as well as those who are spiritual companions for those in recovery.

Wednesday, April 7,  2021
Cost is $10 per session or $25 for all three sessions.

Future sessions are Wednesdays, April 14, and 21, 2021

Ruth Hoenick is a Spiritual Companion in the Slinger/Hartford region of Wisconsin.  She facilitates 12 step retreats throughout the United States and is active in both AA and Al-Anon in sponsorship and service work. Ruth is a spiritual companion who brings the gifts of respectful listening and honest presence to individuals who desire courageous exploration of their sacred stories for the purpose of connection and movement with the ever-changing mystery. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. Her background includes 30+ years in education of children and adults as well as professional development of educators.


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Exploring Prayer in Twelve Step Recovery - entire series


Exploring Prayer in Twelve Step Recovery- April 7


Exploring Prayer in Twelve Step Recovery- April 14


Exploring Prayer in Twelve Step Recovery- April 21

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