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Enneagram Gifts: "It Takes a Village"

The Enneagram schema has been developed and codified over several centuries, coming originally from Sufi, Christian, and Jewish wisdom teachers.  It identifies nine human personality types as they reflect nine holy aspects of the Divine.

This retreat invites each of us to recognize and accept the gift, challenges, and call of our particular type.  And it will help us understand, honor,  and depend on the special gifts of others.  In reflection we will see how together we contribute to the betterment of the world, the sacred community of life.

You will receive a short inventory to fill in and bring to the retreat.  It will help if you have some acquaintance with the Enneagram, but we will review it the first evening.  We will give extra time to those for whom this is new. 

Friday, January 25, to Saturday, January 26, 2019
The retreat begins at 7:00pm on Friday and ends at 3:30pm on Saturday.
Cost of $195 includes $50 non-refundable deposit, overnight accommodations, and meals.


Miriam Brown, OP, a Sinsinawa Dominican, is a spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, presenter on current spirituality themes.  She has an eye for the Spirit’s movement in the world  and in the graced unfoldings of each person’s deep and precious life.


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Enneagram Gifts

$50.00 deposit required
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