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Dynamic of Energy in an Evolving Universe

“If the energies of the Universe succeeded so brilliantly in the past, we have reason to hope that such creativity will inspire us and guide us into the future.”

- Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker

There is a waiting list for this retreat.

Everything is energy.  You, me, every tree, flower, animal and star—sparks of swirling divine energy slowed down enough to be seen and felt.  There is an aliveness that permeates the entire universe. 

The Mystics of all religions have known this truth.  Eastern cultures and spirituality have long recognized this and rightly described it as the universal life force.  It is the energy that manifests or brings life to all beings.  In the west we too are beginning to recognize an animating life force penetrating our reality.  Some call this force the Christ, the Ground of Being.  Others know it as the implicate order.  However we name and experience it, we are pointing toward the same reality:  a hidden wholeness that animates the universe and invites us to wake up to our interconnectedness.

In our day together, we will explore this hidden wholeness from many perspectives: evolution, science, spirituality, psychology, and metaphysics.  The day will include presentation, discussion, contemplative time, and hands-on experiences and practices.

Saturday, October 13, 2018; 9:30-3:00pm
Cost of $55 includes $10 non-refundable deposit and noon meal.


Bridget Sperduto, MEd, is Director of The Well Spirituality Center in La Grange Park, Illinois, a center for sacred unity with God, Earth, and one another.  Weaving storytelling, scripture, theological, and scientific concepts, Bridget invites adults and children into the profound presence and mystery  of God around and within.  Bridget is an associate of the Congregation of St. Joseph, a spiritual director, educator and retreat facilitator.

Download a brochure in pdf format.