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Contemplative Day for Men

Unfortunately, this retreat has been cancelled.

Called to Repair and Restore Right Relationships

For many years—but especially since the profound and courageous #MeToo Movement—the shadow side of masculinity has been exposed for what it is:  abusive, controlling, manipulative, exploitive, domineering, violent, entitled, predator, macho, privileged. 

This public exposure has caused many men to take pause and to reexamine their own understanding of masculinity— how they have been raised, cultural messages that have been engrained, and religious beliefs and practices that have been reinforced.  Many men are reexamining their own personal behavior and choices.

These dynamics lend themselves to considering our past, present and future relationships—our relationship with self, with other men, women, all genders, sexuality, all sentient beings, the earth, the universe, faith, spirituality, career, culture. 

Perhaps what is being called for is restorative justice for all people, of all genders, of all ethnicities, of all cultures and races and spiritual traditions, of earth and all of creation.

Participants will be invited to:

  • listen intently and look reflectively on how the shadow side of masculinity has been and continues to be advocated, promoted, and lived systemically and culturally;

  • participate in a self-examination of personal behavior, practices and thought processes which contribute to fostering the shadow side of masculinity

  • ritually lay to rest and seek healing and forgiveness for the less healthy behaviors of men;

  • discuss what being in “right relationship” might look like through the lens of the Divine Masculine;

  • explore ways to repair and restore relationships with self, others, and creation;

  • discover the sacred gifts of masculinity and how these gifts are essential during this rapid time of evolution in supporting the work of the Divine Feminine and restoring the earth;

  • uncover, acknowledge, appreciate, and integrate the gifts and characteristics of the feminine contained within all men;

  • share in silence, conversation, fellowship, prayer and meditation.

Saturday, April 13, 2019
9:30am to 6:00pm

 Cost of $45 includes $10 non-refundable deposit, handouts, materials, snacks, and two meals.

Unfortunately, this retreat has been cancelled.

Pete Reinl, companion and spiritual guide, is the co-founder of Healing Life’s Losses.  With over 30 years of experience serving in faith and secular communities, retreat centers and funeral homes, Pete co-creates spaces of sanctuary for healing, honoring, storytelling, listening, exploring, integrating and transforming.  He has spent the last fifteen years dedicated to companioning those who are in life transition due to loss, as well as training others who wish to be companions of the bereaved.  His background includes certification in pastoral ministry and spiritual direction.  Having experienced several significant losses and his own life transitions, Pete brings with him a wealth of personal experience and wisdom in addition to his professional and spiritual background in loss, grief, and healing.

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Contemplative Day for Men- April 13

$10.00 deposit required
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