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Awakening: Mindfulness, Prayer, and Meditation Across Religious Traditions

Brain and Spirituality

A panel of leaders and practitioners from a variety of spiritual traditions will share insights and experiences of prayer and meditation. Time for group meditation and group discussion will  be included. Panelists for the morning will be:


· “Centering Prayer: Contemplative Christian Prayer” (Ann Koerner, CSA)

· “Prayer in the Jewish Tradition” (Moshe Katz)

· “Meditation in Zen Buddhism” (Reirin Gumbel)

· “Prayer, Meditation, and the New Cosmology” (Paula Hirshboeck)


In the afternoon, a choice of a breakout session with one of the panelists will allow you  to delve more deeply into a specific tradition of mindfulness, prayer. and meditation.

The day will conclude with the panelists offering insights into how mindfulness, prayer, and meditation make a difference in the world, followed by a celebration of transformation.

Please indicate first and second choice of breakout session at the time of registration.  Use the "Special Needs" section of the form.


Saturday, April 2, 2022


Cost of $65 includes $20 non-refundable deposit and mid-day meal.


Friday-Saturday Option:

Cost of $145 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, Friday evening program, overnight accommodations on Friday night, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday day program.


Weekend Option (Saturday and Sunday Only):

Cost of $205 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, Saturday day and evening programs, overnight accommodations on Saturday night, Sunday day program, and all meals from Saturday’s mid-day meal until Sunday’s mid-day meal.


Full Conference Option (Friday evening through Sunday): 

Cost of $280 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, entire conference, overnight accommodations on Friday and Saturday nights, all meals from Saturday breakfast through Sunday mid-day, and art supplies.



Ann Koerner, CSA, was introduced to Centering Prayer by Thomas Keating, OCSO. She is a commissioned presenter of Centering Prayer within Contemplative Outreach International.

Reirin Alheidis Gumbel is an ordained priest in the Shunryu  Suzuki lineage of Soto Zen. She is   the Resident Priest and Guiding Teacher at Milwaukee Zen Center. 

Paula Hirschboeck is the guiding teacher and priest for Sophia Zen Women's Sangha in Madison and Southeastern Wisconsin. She teaches Soto Zen Buddhism in the context of the cosmological powers described by Brian Swimme.

Moshe Katz is the immediate past chair of the Milwaukee Jewish Federation. He is fluent in Hebrew  and received a Master’s Degree in Jewish Studies from the Cleveland College of Jewish Studies (Case Western Reserve University).

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Awakening - Mindfulness, Prayer, and Meditation Across Religious Traditions - April 2, 2022

$20.00 deposit required

Awakening: Friday-Saturday Option

$60.00 deposit required

Awakening: Weekend Option (Saturday and Sunday Only)

$60.00 deposit required

Awakening: Full Conference Option (Friday evening through Sunday)

$60.00 deposit required
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