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Awakening: An Introduction to Mindful Living

Friday Evening

An Introduction to Mindful Living

Life has both magnificent moments and moments of challenge. What is important is the way in which we meet the moments of our lives, with as much ease as possible. Mindfulness is the awareness that comes from paying attention in a particular way—in the present moment, without judgment and with kindness to self and others. Mindfulness is a key component in the practices  of compassion and self-compassion.

In this two-hour introductory session, Nancy Shinners will invite us to do two simple mindful self-compassion practices that can be done during times of stress and struggle. She will invite participants to explore basic mindfulness practices that include pausing and anchoring one’s attention on the body and breath with the intention of bringing this awareness more fully into our daily lives.

Friday, April 1, 2022


Cost: $15


Mindfulness, prayer, and meditation are ways that we can engage deeply in the realities of our world and in our hearts. Join us to reflect on and experience mindfulness, prayer, and meditation from multiple spiritual traditions. Learn about the difference these spiritual practices can make in your life. Choose the entire conference or any combination of days. 


Friday-Saturday Option:

Cost of $145 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, Friday evening program, overnight accommodations on Friday night, Saturday breakfast, and Saturday day program.

Weekend Option (Saturday and Sunday Only):

Cost of $205 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, Saturday day and evening programs, overnight accommodations on Saturday night, Sunday day program, and all meals from Saturday’s mid-day meal until Sunday’s mid-day meal.

Full Conference Option (Friday evening through Sunday): 

Cost of $280 includes $60 non-refundable deposit, entire conference, overnight accommodations on Friday and Saturday nights, all meals from Saturday breakfast through Sunday mid-day, and art supplies.

Facilitator Nancy Shinners has had a meditation practice for over 30 years influenced by Christian, Zen Buddhist, and mindfulness traditions. Nancy is a member of the Madison, Wisconsin School District’s Core Mindfulness Team, a group of educators who facilitate classes in mindfulness for school staffs.


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Awakening: An Introduction to Mindful Living - April 1, 2022


Awakening: Friday-Saturday Option

$60.00 deposit required

Awakening: Weekend Option (Saturday and Sunday Only)

$60.00 deposit required

Awakening: Full Conference Option (Friday evening through Sunday)

$60.00 deposit required
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