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African American Community Conditions (Situations of Substance)

Racine is currently listed by 24/7 Wall Street as the 3rd Worst City in America for Black Americans.  Racine is symptomatic of this problem broadly.  It is critical not only to be aware but to engage in solution-focused discussions about what we, wherever we live, can do to ensure that such conditions improve for African Americans.  Kimberly will share her lived experiences and data on local conditions affecting African Americans and engage participants in a Conversation Café—guided table discussions, brainstorming and resource sharing.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019


 Kimberly Payne is co-owner of Payne & Frazier, Consultants, a Racine-based firm that focuses on education, community engagement and empowering individuals and organizations. She also serves as a Senior Communications Advisor at Kane Communications. Kimberly has over twenty years of experience in the education, non-profit and government sectors and has consistently been engaged in efforts to improve the community.

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African American Community Conditions

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