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Advent Reflections: God of the Unexpected

Offered virtually via Zoom  

Advent is a season of reflection on the amazing mystery of Emanuel, Divine Life among us. Can we get in touch with its gratuitous wonder and surprise? That Divine Love would choose to explode into the spinning cosmos, filling it with its very Being? That those forty-year wanderers in exodus would still believe? That an unknown young woman in a nothing town in a small, oppressed country would be visited with a revelation—and that her "Yes" would so illuminate the world?

In our human history, what could be more wondrous than if that people of faith in every age and every religion would keep saying Yes—keep rising with courage and kindness in every kind of condition, in order to offer their love and energy to carry the world to an unfolding future. How amazing this Holy Mystery Incarnate, in our midst, in us.

This Advent, in this season that celebrates the surprise and the resilience of grace, let us bring our own spirit of love, courage, and expectation. We have been through a lot together this year. The God of the Unexpected will be in our midst. Who knows what might happen when all of us are ready with our Yes.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020
10:00am—11:15am   Repeated 6:30pm—7:45pm

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Siena Retreat Center is open for private retreats. If you wish to participate in this retreat at Siena Retreat Center, you are welcome to do so and add one or more overnights. Meals are available with a five-business-day advance notice. Alternatively, you can bring your own food (fridge, microwave, toaster oven and stove are available for use) or we can refer you to nearby restaurants. You must bring your own computer and headphones to participate in the retreat, as there will be no on-site gathering.
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Miriam Brown, OP, a Sinsinawa Dominican, is a spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, presenter on current spirituality themes, and was a team member of the Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program for over ten years. She has a master’s degree in Religious Studies from Fordham University and directed an ecumenical organization for 13 years. Miriam has an eye for the Spirit’s movement in the world and flowing by each person’s precious life.


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