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Advent Reflection Weekend: Exploring Your Heart's Genealogy

Advent Reflection Weekend: Exploring Your Heart's Genealogy

What is the genealogy of your heart? What are the makings of your spirit and spirituality? In whose footsteps do you walk? Whose spirit do you carry?

The opening evening we will lay out our reflection process and then start big. Did you ever think to wonder what have you/we have inherited from the cosmos?! And what is in your heart and soul from our living planet? These are real and rich questions.

The next day we will each chart and reflect on our personal life-lines of inheritance and influence: family, culture, faith tradition, teachers, work, heroes, friends, etc. Some we emulate, some we reject—all part of our heart’s story, our gifts, quirks, values, loves. We will hold our hearts gently with new appreciation and gratitude.

Friday, December 9, to Saturday, December 10, 2022
The retreat begins at 6:30pm on Friday and concludes at 3:00pm on Saturday.
Cost of $195 includes $65 nonrefundable deposit, overnight accommodations, and meals.

You can register and pay online by clicking the register button on the right, by calling the front desk at 262-898-2590 with a credit card number, or by mailing a check made out to "Siena Retreat Center". Payment must be received to complete registration.

Please register by Thursday, December 1. By registering early, you assist us in providing quality organization and administration of our retreats and programs. We want to be fully prepared for your arrival with adequate staffing, supplies, room arrangements, and meals. We make every effort to avoid canceling retreats and programs. However, most of these events require a minimum enrollment to move forward. Registering early can help assure that the retreats and programming you look forward to participating in can happen.

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Miriam Brown, OP, a Sinsinawa Dominican, is a spiritual guide, retreat facilitator, and presenter on current spirituality themes. She was a long-time team member of the Center’s Spiritual Guidance Training Program. Miriam holds a master’s degree in Religious Studies from Fordham University and has directed an ecumenical organization for 13 years. Miriam has an eye for the Spirit’s movement in the world and flowing in each person’s precious life.

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